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"A shocking story told so well, you forget you’re in a book."

-Christine, 5-Star Reviewer

Final with extended licenses on graphics

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Our Story

From the imagination and creative genius of Benjamin Schofield, all the parties involved hope you find bifurcation point ...survive the night, papua as entertaining and rewarding as we did while bringing it to reality.

After you read bifurcation point, always remember it may not be fiction. It may be history that has not yet happened.


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Benjamin S. Schofield on Covid-19

What is JC2?

JC2 is a genetically modified prion disease released in Benjamin S Schofield’s book bifurcation point… survive the night, papua. It is thousands of years old and in its true form, extended the lives of those who acquired it up to 150 years. Discovered in the Papuan Rain Forrest the government began testing and experimenting with it. What began as a humanitarian endeavor to enhance the human immune system and increase quality and quantity of life soon turned dark as government officials in charge realized they could manipulate the prion to become the most devastating biological weapon ever produced. Then, it was released and everything changed…


Tess Camon

"Well, a bifurcation point is where there are at least two possible outcomes." At the confused cock of his head, I continued. "Think of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, after the Serbian bombing attempt failed. Two things could happen: The archduke's motorcade could have continued in the opposite direction of the shooter, possibly avoiding the first World War entirely, or it could have backed up to follow the revised route, which is what happened.

“That is where we are right now: We can contain the disease and continue life as we know it for a bit longer, or… Well, who knows what happens if it gets out.”

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