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Our Story

How it started…

We began with an idea for an “end of the world” website and an interactive video game where a contagion could be the end of civilization as we know it. The idea for bifurcation point ...survive the night, papua began with Ben’s Survive the Night video game idea, a battle against zombies complete with a website on everything “zombie” including a monthly interview with a zombie.

Next came the graphic novel to add to the website based on our hero, Tess. She would be the world’s savior, traveling to the rainforest to research the outbreak, obtain critical data, bring it back to the US, and begin working on the cure. A genius in microbiology with special forces training. We wanted a hero for everyone but especially young women. As Ben said, “My niece needs a hero too.” Leading her team out of the jungle back to civilization, Tess would overcome all obstacles, battle the sick, and hopefully find the cure. Benjamin coined the catchphrase, “nice shootin’, Tess,” as she eliminated attackers and protected all those she loved.

Ben solicited input from family members. He retained a ghostwriter to assist with both the core writing of the story and to provide input on certain elements that would be included to enhance the readers’ experience. After more than two years of work, brainstorming sessions, multiple edits, rewrites, and fine-tuning, Benjamin is satisfied with the final version and ready to share it with the world.

From the imagination and creative genius of Benjamin Schofield, all the parties involved hope you find bifurcation point ...survive the night, papua as entertaining and rewarding as we did while bringing it to reality.

After you read bifurcation point, always remember it may not be fiction. It may be history that has not yet happened.


Ben and Tony Schofield

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