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Tess Camon

Tess Camon was born in Texas when her dad was consulting at Fort Sam Houston and her mother went into premature labor. She has a genius level IQ and a biomedical engineering degree. She served in the Army and deployed as a medic with Special Forces units. She achieved “Expert” certification in the Army Weapons Qualification Course requiring hits on 36 of 40 targets. She hit all 40.

Rifle Bullets
Michael Quaid

Michael Quaid was born in Sevierville, Tennessee. His father was a career military officer. The family moved to San Antonio when his father was stationed at Fort Sam Houston. There he first met Tess. He joined the Navy ROTC in college and after graduation followed his dad’s footsteps with a career in the Navy. Michael graduated from the Navy Seal training with the highest overall rating in the history of the program.


Ficksen was born in Papua New Guinea, an only child. His dad was Papuan and his mother was an American missionary who educated him in the Christian faith. The family moved to America where when he was five years old. In college, Ficksen majored in computer science and joined the Navy ROTC. After graduation, he served as a cyber engineer and eventually was recruited into military surveillance. A computer genius, he is adept in drone surveillance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and military espionage.

Computer Sketch
Joseph Camon

Joseph Camon is Tess’s father. Internationally acclaimed for his contributions in developing the first known cure for a virus, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his accomplishment. While on a government research contract, he was recruited to examine a new prion discovered in the Papuan rainforest. He found JC2 had exceptional effects on animal test subjects. His efforts to increase human health and longevity led to the most devastating bioweapon ever created.

Lab Experiment
Embryonic Stem Cells
Jian Nazari

Jian Nazari was born in America. His parents were Israeli and Syrian. With a brilliant mind and a love for science, he specialized in bioengineering with a microbiology degree. He met Dr. Camon at Fort Detrick where he assisted in the development of JC2. Seeing the atrocities committed in the name of religion on both sides of his family, Nazari believed in the apotheosis of mankind. He saw JC2 as his opportunity to remake the world.

Halftone Image of a Hand
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